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Terms and Conditions (May 17, 2021) by

Inspiration Zweidler, sole proprietorship, CHE-182.753.170
Sandra Zweidler, Obermühle 11, 6340 Baar, CH

Terms and Conditions (GTC)

The General Terms and Conditions apply to all contracts between Inspiration Zweidler and its customers/clients. They include all Inspiration Zweidler activities and services such as coaching, advice, support, workshops, seminars, lectures, training, documents, presentations, etc. and all contracts concluded in connection therewith.

These terms and conditions apply to the above areas as well as the other services that the company provides directly and indirectly to customers.

1 Scope and Validity
1.1 These General Terms and Conditions are valid from May 17, 2021.
1.2 The General Terms and Conditions regulate all legal relationships between Inspiration Zweidler and its customers and apply to all services and offers.
1.3 They are an integral part of all offers, order confirmations and appointment reservations.
1.4 Deviations from these General Terms and Conditions require written confirmation from Inspiration Zweidler to be valid.

2 Duty of Fidelity and Duty of Care
2.1 Inspiration Zweidler undertakes to provide all services with the greatest care.
2.2 In order to make the success of the agreed services possible, Inspiration Zweidler and its customers mutually commit themselves to loyalty and openness. Nevertheless, success is not guaranteed.
2.3 The customer bears sole responsibility for the use and implementation of the results of Inspiration Zweidler's work. Any claims for damages on the part of the client, organization, their members or third parties are expressly waived to the extent permitted by law.
2.4 Any defects in the services caused by Inspiration Zweidler's own fault will be corrected to the same value. Further claims for damages are expressly excluded.

3 Confidentiality and Privacy
3.1 Inspiration Zweidler treats all company and personal information that is related to its activity or that is obtained through activities with absolute confidentiality. You will not be passed to third parties. Exceptions are permissible if a client expressly allows this.
3.2 Information about individuals is treated with the utmost care. If individual, personal reports about individual members of a group or organization are created as part of orders, the client is responsible for ensuring that all personal rights are protected.
3.3 Reports or information to other persons, in particular to other members of the organization and superiors, are only given with the consent of the authorized person.
3.4 A procedure deviating from point 3.3 is permitted if a different procedure is recognizable to all parties involved and has been agreed. If the persons concerned have been informed of the different procedure in advance and they do not object, it is deemed to have been accepted.
3.5 References will only be used with the consent of the client or organization.

4 Placing of Orders
4.1 An order is deemed to have been placed when there is a written order confirmation or an appointment has been made. A verbal appointment reservation is accepted if it is clear from the circumstances that the customer was willing to use the service in question at the scheduled time, or if it was clear to him that Inspiration Zweidler had reserved the appropriate appointments and resources and was therefore in the started work with the client's obvious consent.

5 Cost allocation and terms of payment
5.1a Services are charged in Swiss francs (CHF).
5.1 b Duration and scope of a service is agreed individually based on the needs of the customer.
5.2 In principle, the company headquarters is also the place of performance for the services. Deviating from this, travel/meals and accommodation costs can be agreed and invoiced at cost.
5.3 Separate expenses such as room rental, special work tools and other third-party costs will be offered and invoiced in advance.
5.4 The cancellation of an appointment or an event does not release the customer from his obligation to pay.
The following fee payments are due, even if no services have yet been rendered by Inspiration Zweidler:

  • Cancellation of individual sessions: 1 day before: up to 100% | 2-7 days before: up to 50%

  • Cancellation of seminars/presentations/workshops: up to 7 days in advance: 100% | 8-29 days before: 50%

5.5 In the case of long-term orders, payment on account may be requested.
5.6 Fees, costs and third-party invoices are usually invoiced monthly.
5.7 The payment period for invoices is 30 days.
5.8 Default interest of 5% pa and reminder costs of CHF 20 per reminder are automatically due in the event of a delay in payment.
5.9 Invoices are generally sent digitally.
5.10 For all services subject to VAT, we also charge the corresponding amount of VAT.

6 Cancellation of Orders by Customer
6.1 If the customer withdraws from the order prematurely, he must pay in full for the services already rendered and all expenses. The same deadlines/payment obligations apply as listed under 5.4.

7 Cancellation of orders by Inspiration Zweidler
7.1 If an order cannot be fulfilled for reasons that Inspiration Zweidler has no influence on (accident or illness, failure of means of transport, force majeure, pandemic, etc.), the client cannot assert any claims for damages. The ordered service will be provided in full as soon as possible.

8 Intellectual Property and Copyright
8.1 For the fulfillment of the business purpose, generally accessible technical and methodical knowledge as well as knowledge developed and further developed by Inspiration Zweidler and adapted to the special customer relationships are used.
8.2 Specialist and methodological knowledge is declared by means of references.
8.3 All documents submitted are copyrighted. Reproduction, even in part, requires the permission of the owner.

9 Jurisdiction
9.1 Swiss law applies exclusively to the contractual relationship with Inspiration Zweidler.
9.2 The place of jurisdiction for any legal disputes is the location of the company headquarters. We reserve the right to assert our claims at the customer's place of business or residence at our own discretion. Mandatory places of jurisdiction remain reserved.

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