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"Sandra's work is incredibly valuable for companies that want to get a holistic view of a question/problem.

Through the systemic and energetic work, we have gained an understanding of the current situation, evaluated the risks and developed possible solutions. This saved us valuable lifetime and money at the end of the process. Sandra accompanies the entire process intuitively, humorously and clearly.

We are thrilled and say thank you for the company.

- (Matthias Strebel, Managing Director & Co-Owner


«If you are looking for inspiration, you will find it in yourself on the way with Sandra!
With her empathetic and cheerful nature, Sandra knows how to take people on a journey full of surprises, changes in perspective and new impulses. Sandra's broad wealth of business and human resources management experience makes her a valued specialist when it comes to developing practical yet creative solutions and sometimes breaking new ground. Sensitive empathy paired with a keen sense of setting unusual impulses at the right moment make Sandra a highly valued and competent companion in challenging business and life situations.»
- (V. Krummenacher, Risk & Office Services Coordinator)

«With a sensitive approach and questions, Sandra Zweidler quickly got to the heart of my issue and extracted it.It was and is always very impressive for me to experience how not only the soul but also the body reacts to non-measurable types of treatment immediately during the application; this cannot be described in words, it simply has to be experienced for yourself; thank you Sandra!"

- (P. Häusler, Head of Activation at the Care Centers Foundation)

«Due to the intensive cooperation with Sandra and the experienced support that took place on different levels,  I was able to find and develop myself. I learned to accept myself and to be my "friend". Calmly exciting - that was Sandra for me»

- (B. Trautmann, Senior Facility Timlead for EMEA)

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