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Sandra Zweidler - Inspiration Zweidler - Systemische Strukturaufstellungen


Get to the bottom of things

With SySt® it is possible to make dynamic relationships within existing systems visible. In SySt® structures are analysed where the client has a concern.



It succeeds in structuring and visualising the personal inner picture of situations and thus turning it into an external picture. In this way, problems in systems can be identified in a very focused way and made tangible. Synergies and solutions are found.


This is done with the help of people (so-called representatives) or tools (e.g. magnets, Lego or wooden figures, paper sheets, etc.). If other people are involved in the constellation, they do not have to know the topic. Confidentiality is guaranteed.


Any topic/concern can be dealt with using this method (see areas of application).


The SySt® was developed by Matthias Varga von Kibéd and Insa Sparrer.


SySt® can be applied to diverse issues in the private and professional fields.


  • Developing a company vision

  • Finding names for e.g. companies or offers

  • Decision finding

  • Finding solutions to problems (private and professional)

  • Making hidden things visible

  • Achieving goals

  • Finding out where the next steps are to reach a goal, a solution or a vision.

  • Releasing creativity barriers

  • - Making and representing decisions

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